House Introduces Bill to End Joint-Employment Uncertainty

InsideSources discusses joint employer with Trey Kovacs.

House lawmakers are looking to add clarity to a patchwork of legal interpretations Thursday by introducing a bill that more precisely defines what joint-employment is.

The joint-employer standard determines whether an employer is responsible for the employees of a company it contracts with. The law has allowed for multiple interpretations from courts and federal agencies. Republican Rep. Bradley Byrne is leading a group of lawmakers hoping to end the uncertainty through legislation.

“Without the passage of this legislation, a patchwork of rules governing employer liability will continue to hinder thousands of beneficial business relationships including franchise businesses, contractors, and temporary staffing agencies,” Trey Kovacs, labor policy expert at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said in a statement provided to InsideSources. “Congress is reclaiming its responsibility from bureaucrats for a policy that has a huge economic impact. It is imperative that Congress quickly pass this legislation.”

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