How To Reverse The Fairfax $5.8M Union Giveaway

The Daily Caller discusses Trey Kovacs' report, which explains the practice of "release time" for teachers to participate in union work and its costs to taxpayers .  

A new report says critics may have the law on their side against the practice of Fairfax County, Va. public sector employees doing union work instead of their actual jobs.

The policy allows 10 designated public sector unions 240 taxpayer-funded hours each of political lobbying with an additional 240 hours each for conventions, training and meetings. Some other activities have no limits. The policy is often referred to as release time on the local level. The Competitive Enterprise Institute argues in its Tuesday report, “A Remedy for Fairfax County’s Taxpayer Giveaway to Unions,” that the county should end the practice completely.

“Use of taxpayer funds should be reserved for purely public purposes, not the private benefit of an individual, corporation, or association,” the report notes. “Fortunately, a provision in Virginia’s constitution, known as the ‘Gift Clause,’ bans government subsidies that primarily benefit private entities.”

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