Industry and Labor Unite Against Major Railway Reg

InsideSources reports on a coalition letter CEI lead to express concerns over a proposed rule by railroad regulators. 

Industry groups, free-market advocates and organized labor have all expressed opposition to a proposed regulation that could force private railroads to open their tracks to competitors.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) led a coalition letter of other free-market groups expressing similar concerns Thursday.

“Rail carriers, their unions, and some customers are concerned about the direct impact this proposed rule would have on railroad industry investment, employment, and quality of service,” CEI scholar Marc Scribner told InsideSources. “Railroad deregulation remains one of America’s greatest economic liberalization success stories.”

Those opposed argue it will not promote competition and instead would undermine private ownership. The Staggers Rail Act of 1980 was enacted as a reform that deregulated the railroad industry significantly. CEI detailed in its letter that the deregulation push helped save the railroad industry and that the new rule would undermine that success.

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