Industry weighs in on driverless car guidelines

The Hill reports on a letter CEI joined which flagged problems with regulators' guidance for automated vehicles. 

Meanwhile, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), the R Street Institute and TechFreedom pinpointed a few areas in the guidelines that they say need to be crystallized. The coalition argued that the NHSTA is presenting contradicting signals about whether or not the safety assessment should be codified by the states.

“Vehicle automation systems have the potential to greatly improve the safety of our roads and improve the mobility of the disabled and elderly,” said Marc Scribner, a research fellow for CEI. “Government safety regulators must be careful, even at this early stage, to avoid conflicting requirements and policies that stifle innovation.”

The coalition urged the NHTSA to revise its recommendations around data, privacy and cybersecurity concerns so that useful data practices won’t be prohibited. The group also suggested that the agency leave out any elaborate discussions about the ethics behind computer-directed crashes.

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