Is a clean slate ahead?

One News Now speaks with Ryan Young on how the Trump administration can lead regulatory reform. 

With the incoming Trump administration, many people are hoping the president-elect will work with the Republican-led Congress to cut regulation. After all, he and the GOP candidates talked about how rules are burdensome for the economy.

Young, Ryan (CEI)"It is something I would like to see happen, but Trump is not exactly the most predictable candidate when it comes to his policy views," says Ryan Young of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). "It remains to be seen how much of a say Vice President-elect Pence will have in policy making, and Speaker Ryan, assuming he remains speaker, could also play a larger role than he does now. So we'll see what happens."

On that note, Republicans in the House and Senate have been pushing for repeal of the Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act in recent years, citing expensive rules from executive branch agencies that did not go through Congress.

"If it does happen, now would be a great time to do it," Young believes. "President Obama issued a veto threat about REINS, but something tells me that since that bill would reduce the executive's power and give a lot of legislative authority back to Congress, where it belongs, maybe President Obama will change his tune, considering the next fellow has substantial disagreements with his views."

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