Labor Secretary Nominee Faces Battle Between His Own Employees

InsideSources reports on a CEI led letter to the Senate in support of Andrew Puzder as the next labor secretary. 

Democratic lawmakers and labor unions have been particularly opposed to his nomination. Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka argued during a press call Dec. 22 that the president has already betrayed his promise to the working class by picking Puzder.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), however, is leading a coalition urging his approval. A letter was signed by 17 free-market organizations that hope he can bring balance to the Department of Labor. His supporters have argued the department has become overly politicized and has overregulated the economy.

The Senate is scheduled to hold a hearing next week to determine whether his nomination will be approved. Puzder, if approved, would be the top federal official for enforcing and issuing workplace policies. He would play a key role in shaping the economy and the national workforce.

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