Landowners Tangle with EPA Bureaucrats

From Chris Woodward’s post on OneNewsNow:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to allow property owners to promptly challenge this type of directive in court. CEI attorney Hans Bader explains all that is involved in this case.
“While the gravel [for building] was being laid, they were served with a compliance order to immediately restore the property to its previous condition and [told] that they would face $75,000 a day in fines until they did so,” he tells OneNewsNow. The agency also refused to grant the Sacketts a hearing on its ruling.
“If they can’t challenge it now, effectively, they are forced to abide by whatever some EPA bureaucrat claims,” Bader contends. “Even if you are somehow able to challenge those fines, the mere possibility that you’re going to be entirely wiped out means any prudent person would do whatever the bureaucrat says.”
In a related interview with American Family Radio’s “Focal Point” program, Bader points out that it would have cost at least $30,000 to remove the gravel the Sacketts had just put on the property, and it would be far more than the value of the property itself to landscape and fence it in the way the EPA demanded.