Latest CEI Ad Shows How Green New Deal Effects Thanksgiving

Breitbart cites President Kent Lassman on the Green New Deal and CEI’s latest ad.

A new advertisement from the Competitive Enterprise Institute displays how different Thanksgiving at grandma’s could be should the costly Green New Deal go into effect.

The ad, which lasts for thirty seconds and is called “Scooters,” creates an America where families live under the Green New Deal and are forced to make tradeoffs just to visit grandma for Thanksgiving dinner. The ad is also set to air in the D.C. market on MSNBC before tonight’s Democrat presidential primary debate.

CEI President and CEO Kent Lassman said:

Since Washington politicians are asking the American people to support energy rationing that will lead to higher costs and a complete restructuring of our economy, CEI is asking families to imagine what life would be like under the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal would cost families tens of thousands of dollars in higher energy, housing, and logistics costs and everyone should think about how those higher costs would affect their daily lives.

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