Lawfare: Left-Wing U.S. Attorneys General Wage Legal Blitzkrieg on Science, Freedom and truth

Breitbart discusses the subpoena sent to CEI as part of the attorneys general intimidation campaign to silence the climate change debate. 

Now the Attorney General of the US Virgin Islands — some utter nonentity called Claude Earl Walker — has gone a step further by actually subpoenaing the Competitive Enterprise Institute to give up ten years’ worth of documents pertaining to its relationship with ExxonMobil.

Well good luck with that, Claude Earl Walker, whoever you were — which will be nobody by the time the CEI’s lawyers are done with you. The prosecution case you are about to lend your name to is about as futile, fatuous and imbecilic as launching a class action against dentists for providing insufficient information to children about the Tooth Fairy; or against parents for failing to divulge the truth about Santa Claus.

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