Lawless, tyrannical EPA actively trying to circumvent Supreme Court ruling on emissions standards

Natural News discusses whether the EPA will abide by the Supreme Court stay on the Clean Power Plan with Marlo Lewis. 

According to experts at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, there is concern that the EPA is actively looking for ways around the Supreme Court's ruling after EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said, "Are we going to respect the decision of the Supreme Court? You bet, of course we are. But it doesn't mean it's the only thing we're working on and it doesn't mean we won't continue to support any state that voluntarily wants to move forward."

The question as to whether or not the EPA will abide by the stay has also been posed by, because it seems that the Clean Power Plan itself exposes the organization as a rogue agency. The stay requires the EPA to cease implementation of the Clean Power Plan until the Supreme Court makes a final decision about whether or not to overturn the rule.

The stay completely prohibits the EPA from actively trying to implement the rule. However, when the EPA gives advice on what regulations a state should implement, the states will feel pressure to take it on board because of the power and status held by the EPA. No one wants to make an enemy out of the EPA or antagonize their regulatory overseer.

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