Lawyer: Google Inc. Settlement of Privacy Lawsuit Smells of Biasness

Stockwise Daily reports on the Google Inc. privacy lawsuit settlement and includes a quote from CCAF's Ted Frank for more details.

It’s highly unlikely for the privacy settlement of a lawsuit facing Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) to receive the approval of judges owing to its nature. The settlement, which amounts to $8.5 million, fails because it involves donation to institutions associated with the attorneys who filed the suit.

During a fairness hearing on Friday in San Jose, California, a federal judge Edward Davila emphatically said that the settlement “doesn’t pass the smell test” and that he will likely throw it out. has also reported that Theodore Frank, a lawyer at the Washington-based Center for Class Action Fairness, also told Davila that the payment is unfair as it sets aside $2 million in fees for the plaintiff’s lawyers, but nothing for the affected class members.

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