Letter Pushes Restrictions on Taxpayer-Funded Union Work

InsideSources reports on CEI’s coalition letter urging Congress to limit the practice of union official time. 

The practice of letting federal officials conduct union work as a substitute for their actual jobs should be restricted, argued a letter to congressional leaders Thursday.

Federal officials are allowed to do union tasks instead of their regularly assigned work because of a policy known as official time. The workers retain their title, salary, and benefits while doing the union tasks. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) urged congressional leaders to support a bill that would limit the practice.

“Union official time is a taxpayer-funded subsidy to federal employee unions that pays for federal employees’ salary and benefits while they perform union business, including attending union conventions, lobbying Congress, and filing grievances, instead of the federal work they were hired to do,” the letter declares. “Unions should finance their own political activity with members’ dues payments.”

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