Liberal AG Threatens Libertarian Think Tank With More Legal Action For Questioning Global Warming

The Daily Caller reports on the subpoena that Attorney General Claude Walker sent CEI as part of the intimidation campaign to silence the debate on climate change. 

Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker told a D.C.-based libertarian think tank he would be withdrawing a subpoena he sent the group in April as part of a broader investigation into ExxonMobil’s global warming stance — and in the same email threatened more legal actions against the group.

“Attorney General Walker’s subpoena of us is an outrageous violation of our First Amendment rights, and its sole purpose is to shut down debate,” Sam Kazman, senior counsel for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said of Walker’s threat of more legal action.

CEI has asked D.C.’s Superior Court to fine Walker for violating the group’s First Amendment rights, and the think tank is asking for attorneys fees and other sanctions to be placed on Walker.

“Mr. Walker’s statement that he will end his D.C. court action, but may launch a new one whenever the mood strikes him, is the height of arrogance and demonstrates that he still doesn’t recognize the harm he has unlawfully inflicted,” Kazman said.

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