More Briefs Filed with SCOTUS in Forced Union Dues Case

Watchdog cited Trey Kovacs on the longstanding circumstance of union workers being forced to pay for controversial political activities for unions by the government. 

Three more briefs were filed with the U.S. Supreme Court this week in support of an Illinois state worker’s fight against being forced to pay dues to a public employee union.

The Buckeye Institute from Ohio and the Competitive Enterprise Institute based in Washington, D.C., filed the amicus briefs Wednesday in support of Mark Janus, a child care worker for the state of Illinois. On Tuesday, the state of Washington-based Freedom Foundation also filed briefs in support of the plaintiff.

“For too long, the government has forced workers to pay for controversial political activities by unions that they do not support and that have nothing to do with union representation,” Trey Kovacs, a CEI labor policy expert, said in a statement. “The Supreme Court should provide choice over whether to pay for labor union representation for millions of teachers, firefighters, and other public employees. State and local public workers deserve the right to choose who speaks for them, a right their federal counterparts have long enjoyed.”

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