Not Angry, Just Sad

Politico's Morning Energy reports on the letter CEI and other free-market groups sent in response to the Senate Democrats' attack on those who disagree with their stance on climate change. 

You knew they’d fire back. Nearly two dozen officials from right-leaning, free-market and conservative think tanks called Senate Democrats "tyrants" for targeting them in a series of recent floor speeches on climate change that called them pawns of the fossil fuel industry who are trying to downplay the threat.

“In a country where you should be the patriots leading us into a great future, sadly today you are the tyrants," the groups responded in a Tuesday letter to the senators, accusing them of having an "enemies list of intellectual foes you wish to isolate."
The letter was signed by top officials at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the American Legislative Exchange Council and the Heritage Foundation.

“Sadly, our democracy and our freedom hangs in the balance as you use your office to bully and single out groups to blame rather than ideas to debate," they added. Your move, Dems.

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