NYT: His Case Made it to the Supreme Court. He Didn’t Have to Look Far for a Lawyer.


The New York Times profiles Senior Attorney Ted Frank on Frank v. Gaos.

Theodore H. Frank is familiar with the adage that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. But later this month, he will stand before the Supreme Court to argue his own case.

“It was a very tough decision to decide to do it myself,” he said.

The usual play would have been to hand the case off to an expert lawyer who specializes in Supreme Court arguments. But Mr. Frank, who has spent the last decade filing objections to class action settlements he considers abusive, said he was the right man for the job in the case that bears his name, Frank v. Gaos, No. 17-961.

He will join a small group of lawyers who have handled the Supreme Court arguments in their own cases. On the whole, they have done rather well.

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