Obama Administration Won’t Fight Court Ruling on Private Email

Politico discusses CEI's Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against a White House official with Sam Kazman. 

Lawyers with the pro-business group who sought Holdren's emails said they were pleased the appeals court decision will be in place now for all requesters to rely on.

"I'm happy to see that sort of stamp of finality on the ruling," said Sam Kazman of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. "This administration has had a number of high-ranking officials look for ways to avoid FOIA. The private email way has hopefully been closed off."

The ruling is potentially significant for Clinton email litigation because it could prolong disputes about attempting to reconstruct Clinton's email records from all available sources and about the process for separating work-related emails from personal ones. At least one judge has said he was watching the outcome of the D.C. Circuit case before deciding on future steps related to the Clinton emails.

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