Obama Has 3,260 Rules In The Regulatory Pipeline

The Daily Caller discusses the White House's budget office annual agenda for regulations with Wayne Crews.  

“These rules are projected to have economic effects of at least $100 million annually,” Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., director of policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and an expert on the regulatory process, wrote in Forbes.

“Over-regulation is a bipartisan phenomenon, but this annual flow of larger-scale rules has been considerably higher under Obama than it was under President Bush,” Crews wrote. “This is attributable to the promise to regulate and go around Congress via the ‘pen and phone,’ let alone the ‘regulatory dark matter’ rulemaking happening off the books.”

CEI estimates federal regulations amount to a $1.9 trillion tax on the U.S. economy every year — or about $15,000 per American household every year.

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