Obama legacy: Most red tape in history, 35 days still left

Washington Examiner speaks with Clyde Wayne Crews on this year's record-breaking Federal Register's page count. 

According to regulation watcher Clyde Wayne Crews of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the administration added a shocking 10,000 pages to the Bible of rules and regs, the Federal Register, since Thanksgiving.

The total today stands at 91,642. In all of 2015, the administration published 80,261 pages.

Crews said that Obama already held the record for publishing red tape, but that the 2016 number is way over the top.

"This morning is special. Today standing at 91,642 pages, the Federal Register is 10,000 pages higher than the prior all-time record. Ninety-thousand pages is heretofore unheard of. Up until this year, the 80,000 page mark was the shocker," he said.

And CEI has just issued its agenda for where Trump should start and how deep he should cut.

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