Obama missed opportunity to highlight red tape in final State of the Union

Watchdog.org quotes Wayne Crews on President Obama's final year in office and the large quantity of regulations to be expected. 

“Since the president’s final year is no time to lay out a legislative agenda that Congress would reject, one must instead anticipate more executive actions and regulations to implement the progressive agenda of more federal power and middle-class dependency on the same – in service both to his own legacy and to aiding his potential Democratic party successor,” predicts Clyde Wayne Crews, who tracks federal regulations as policy director at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Just 87 new laws were enacted last year, by Crews’ count, but federal agencies published more than 3,400 new rules and regulations.

It was probably hopeless to expect Obama to use his final State of the Union to promise a roll-back in the massive federal regulatory state, but he could have used the bully pulpit to put state governments on notice.

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