Obama Will Personally Attend UN Climate Summit- Will it be a Repaeat of Copenhagen?

The Daily Caller discusses with Myron Ebell the outcome of the approaching United Nations' global warming summit in Paris.

“As I understand, the plan now is for world leaders to fly in for the first day and hold a pep rally,” Myron Ebell, director of energy policy at the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute. “That way, they can’t impede the negotiations as they did in Copenhagen in 2009.”

The White House is expected to bypass Congress if any U.N. climate treaty is signed by arguing whatever comes out of Paris isn’t a treaty, but an international commitment made by Obama using existing U.S. laws and regulations.

But doesn’t that mean a future administration could unilaterally pull out of the Paris agreement? A Republican administration could pull out of the agreement by undoing Obama’s regulatory agenda, but that could be complicated in the courts.

“The next administration, the Congress, and the courts” could argue “you can’t repeal the Environmental Protection Agency regulations or overturn them in court, we made an international commitment,” Ebell said.