Objection to Google’s $8.5M Privacy Deal

Courthouse News Service reports on the Center for Class Action Fairness' objection to a judge's ruling that Google should pay $8.5 million to settle the suit, because class members will not receive this money.

The Center for Class Action Fairness, on behalf of objectors Melissa Holyoak and Theodore Frank, said "class members will see not one penny" of the settlement, which calls for the money to be donated to various nonprofits.

The objectors also took issue with pre-existing relationships that some of the proposed cy pres recipients have with class counsel and Google.

"Class counsel are alumni of several of the cy pres recipients," resulting in "the appearance of divided loyalties of class counsel," the 31-page filing states.

Furthermore, "where the defendant is already an established donor to certain of the cy pres recipients, there is significant risk that the value of the settlement will be less beneficial to the class than it would appear," the objectors added.

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