On Inflation Reduction Act anniversary, energy groups demand end to ‘Green New Deal-type policies’

Fox News cites CEI’s Daren Bakst on the Inflation Reduction Act:

The letter to Congress, led by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), argued that “cronyism” and “irresponsible spending” are reason enough to dismantle the law, but even “more alarming are the IRA’s provisions empowering the government to transform how energy is produced and used in this country.”

Daren Bakst, the director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment, said the biggest cost hidden in the $739 billion IRA is to “our freedom.”

“The federal government, through the IRA, is trying to kill off gas-powered vehicles and reliable energy, while ignoring the costs from doing so,” Bakst said.  “The law’s massive handouts to special interests and its harm to consumers are bad enough. The biggest cost though is to our freedom.”

“Legislators need to use everything in their arsenal to dismantle these policies contained in the IRA, a law that didn’t secure a single Republican vote,” he said.

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