Opposition Grows To Liberal AGs Targeting Global Warming Skeptics

The Daily Caller mentions Kent Lassman and Sam Kazman's oped in the Washington Post on the subpoena CEI recieved from Attorney General Claude Walker. 

It was in the wake of that meeting that Virgin Islands AG Claude Walker issued a subpoena to the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a libertarian think tank, for its alleged ties to Exxon. Walker’s subpoena asked for 20 years of records from CEI, which the think tank is challenging in court.

“Court rulings make it clear that broad subpoenas aimed at restricting speech, especially in the context of policy debates, are invalid,” CEI president Kent Lassman and counsel Sam Kazman wrote in a Washington Post oped. “Time and again, the Supreme Court has held that the remedy for unwanted speech is more speech in response.”

“The chief law-enforcement officers of several states should know better, but their reaction to a dissenting policy position is punitive, coercive and unconstitutional,” they wrote.

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