Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Wants to Ignore Science to Pass a Carbon Tax

The Washington Examiner cites Senior Fellow Patrick Michaels on Pennsylvania’s Climate Action Plan:

Patrick Michaels, a senior fellow and climatologist with the coalition and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian think tank in Washington, discussed the problems with modeling during his part of the testimony. Pennsylvania’s Climate Action Plan, which has been used by the Wolf administration, did not follow “best scientific practices,” Michaels explained, because the plan “used the wrong emissions scenario” to make future projections.

He also told lawmakers that it was a mistake to average up the results of computer models that did not produce results in line with what was observed by satellites and weather balloons. Out of the 102 models that are part of the “observed data,” Michaels identified just one that corresponded with what occurred with climate. “Best scientific practices” would involve doing “what weather forecasters do every day,” Michaels said. “They look at the model that works, not all of them. They don’t average them up.”

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