Planning A Drone As A Holiday Gift? FAA Task Force Calls For UAS Registration

Homeland Security Today discusses the FAA drone registration mandate plans with Marc Scribner.  

According to Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) transportation policy expert Marc Scribner, the FAA lacks jurisdiction to mandate registration for all UAS. In the comments CEI submitted to the FAA, Scribner explained Congress has prohibited the FAA from promulgating rules targeting small UAS hobbyists.

Scribner also believes registration will do little to mitigate UAS safety risks. He said registration itself will not incentivize drone users to implement safer flying procedures, since registration numbers will be essentially invisible to those who observe—either from on the ground or in the cockpit—a reckless or malicious UAS operation and then seek to report it to authorities.

“Although registration can support enforcement efforts for UAS that crash, mere registration will neither enable identification of a host of potential reckless or malicious UAS operators, nor will it prevent reckless and malicious operations,” Scribner said.

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