Pruitt takes fire from conservatives in climate showdown

Politico speaks with Myron Ebell on President Trump’s executive order to reverse much of the Obama administration’s climate change policies. 

Trump administration officials have not totally ruled out eventually targeting the endangerment finding. Conservative groups have petitioned the EPA to look at reopening it, one source said, and the agency may eventually be compelled to respond to the petition. Axios first reported the news of the petition.

“Getting rid of the Clean Power Plan is just not enough,” said Myron Ebell, the director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the former leader of Trump’s EPA transition team.

Ebell warned that leaving the endangerment finding in place would compel the Trump administration to come up with a replacement approach to regulating emissions from power plants and other sources that might not be too dissimilar from Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

“Before you know it you end up having to do a Trump Clean Power Plan,” he said.

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