Report: Fed Bureaucracies Commit Thousands Of Felonies Every Day

The Daily Caller covers the release of Bureacratic Dark Energy by Robert J. Hanrahan, Jr.

Bureaucracies have successfully evaded congressional budget oversight for years by illegally hiring contract labor to take the place of employees, according to a Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) report released Tuesday.

Bureaucracies commit thousands of felonies a day, misappropriating funds not approved by Congress and expanding agency influence at a time when government agencies should cut back.

Bureaucracies freeze hiring new employees, ideally to stop expansion and cut costs, when under pressure to reform or adapt to budget cuts. Many agencies continue to grow despite budget cutbacks, however, by illegally hiring outside contract labor.

“While contracting for these services is contrary to the law, this practice has become so ubiquitous in government that it passes without notice,” the CEI report’s author Robert Hanrahan wrote.

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