Report: Rule Would Cost Middle Class $80 Billion in Lost Savings

The Washington Free Beacon highlights John Berlau's report on the Department of Labor rule that will hurt middle-class investors. 

The Department of Labor has proposed a rule that would restrict what advice a financial expert could give to employees, a move that would cost middle-class savers $80 billion in lost savings, according to a report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“It will be almost inevitable that financial service providers will restrict choices of investment vehicles and strategies and look for a ‘safe harbor’ of particular investments the government would bless,” the report states. According to the report, even center-left economists have said that the fiduciary requirement is a “vague open-ended obligation with seemingly no bounds.”

“The pending Obama administration regulations could cost middle class savers $80 billion in lost savings, imposing big regulatory barriers for small investment portfolios,” said John Berlau, author of the report and a senior fellow at CEI. “Congress should act now to block implementation of the Department of Labor’s harmful fiduciary rule, which has been dubbed ‘Obamacare for Your IRA.’”

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