Ridiculous Rules For Swordfish, Ceiling Fans, Grain Barges Help Make 2016 The Most Highly Regulated Year In History

Reason discusses the size of the federal regulatory state with Ryan Young and Wayne Crews. 

Ryan Young, a fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute who tracks the daily increases in the federal regulatory state, points out that the compliance cost for regulations approved in 2016 along tally between "$3.92 billion and $6.12 billion."

That's a huge amount of money, and even though it will never show up on a bill or be taken out of a paycheck, it's still being paid in hidden ways.

For a perfect example of this, look at the most expensive regulation passed in the last week, according to Young's tracking, which had do with school lunches.

To compare the federal regulatory burden of 2016 to years past, check out CEI's Ten Thousand Commandments project, directed by Vice President for Policy Clyde Wayne Crews, which covers every year since 1996.

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