Showdown over Fate of Paris Comes Today

Politico’s Morning Energy highlights CEI’s digital ad urging President Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty. 

Meanwhile, a chorus of other voices weighed in with their last-minute pitches on how the administration should approach the climate agreement. Cheniere Energy sent a letter Monday suggesting “domestic energy companies are better positioned to compete globally” if the U.S. sticks with the agreement, which the company described as a “useful instrument” for spurring additional interest in U.S. resources. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, whose “Morning Joe” Trump watched daily until recent weeks, said Monday withdrawing from the deal would be “stupid and counterintuitive” given the U.S. has “been doing a better job of cutting our carbon emissions” than other developing countries.

But not everyone wants the U.S. to stick it out: The Competitive Enterprise Institute, whose Myron Ebell worked for Trump’s EPA transition team, is out with a digital ad and petition urging the president to not “listen to the swamp” and keep his promise of withdrawing from Paris.

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