Since the FDA Has Not Approved Any Vaping Products, All of Them Are Now ‘Subject to Enforcement Action’

Reason cites Senior Fellow Michelle Minton on e-cigarette regulations:

“There is robust evidence that non-tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes help adults quit smoking,” notes Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Michelle Minton. “It seems their availability in non-tobacco flavors is, in fact, a major reason why e-cigarettes are at least twice as effective for smoking cessation as other nicotine replacement therapies.”


Since 2015, Minton notes, the FDA “has approved new tobacco products from three companies, including flavored tobacco.” Those products included “eight varieties of Swedish Match North America’s snus, the heated tobacco product, IQOS, made by Philip Morris, and combustible cigarettes with reduced nicotine made by 22nd Century Group.” In those cases, “the FDA was happy to accept more general evidence about the product category’s appeal to adults and youth, as well as their general risks to public health.” But when it comes to flavored vaping products, the FDA seems to be demanding more.

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