Sorrell: A Different Kind of Election

From Andrew McKeever’s column in The Manchester Journal:

In Vermont, Sorrell’s toughest test won’t likely be in the November general election, but rather in the Democratic Party primary, where he is facing a stern challenge this year from Chittenden County States Attorney TJ Donovan. […]

His approach is pro-active, but not to the point of abusing the office, he said.

“There are weighty responsibilities,” he said. “If I played fast and loose with the powers of the office a lot of people could feel wronged by that.” That attitude didn’t stop the free enterprise and limited government-leaning Competitive Enterprise Institute, a nonprofit public policy think tank, from blasting him in 2010 as the nation’s sixth worst attorney general, or more recently, from Donovan’s supporters, whose mantra has been that it’s time for a change.