State Lawmakers Call Foul on Daily Fantasy Football

Heartland Institute discusses with Michelle Minton the impact of regulating and restricting fantasy sports betting.

Michelle Minton, a consumer policy fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, says prohibition and restrictions send consumers into risky underground markets.

“Whether or not fantasy sports betting is legal, it’s going to happen,” Minton said. “When online gambling was largely considered illegal in the United States, Americans still spent billions of dollars wagering on websites operated overseas. That’s what will happen if daily fantasy sports betting is thrown back into the black market: Most will continue to play online but in a much less secure environment.”

Minton says DFS competitions are games of skill and knowledge.

“The classic fantasy sports game, where you choose a lineup of players, most certainly is a game of skill, and the more knowledge of the players and teams you have, the more likely you are to win,” Minton said.

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