Steyer Panelist Wants Massive Tax Hikes, Smaller TVs

William Yeatman, a senior fellow and energy policy expert at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, also criticized Harvey’s vision.

“The fact is that wealthier is healthier, both for humankind and the environment,” Yeatman noted.

“As such, global warming policies that engender poverty and inhibit wealth-creation commonly pose a greater danger to our well-being, and that of future generations, than the warming these ‘solutions’ are supposed to mitigate.”

However, Yeatman sees a distinction between Harvey’s prescriptions for energy efficiency on the personal level and his proposals for government action to combat climate change.

“Dr. Harvey’s proposed asceticism is fine—so long as he doesn’t want the government to impose his preferred austerity on all citizens,” Yeatman said.

“And of course, if everyone adopted Dr. Harvey’s lifestyle by choice, the world would surely be a worse place.”