Study: Recent Labor Regulations Slowly Coming Into Focus, And It Doesn’t Look Good For Small Business

The Daily Caller highlights Iain Murray's report on the chaning nature of work and labor regulations that threaten worker flexibility. 

Government regulators are “imposing rules that make modern forms of work and business – like contracting, franchising, and freelancing – more difficult,” Iain Murray, CEI vice president for strategy at Competitive Enterprise Institute, concludes a new report.

Recent regulations have the effect of stemming the tide of small businesses managing small groups of employees. Instead, the regulations are forcing a return to a 1950s employment structure where large industry and corporations employ the overwhelming majority of Americans, according to the report.

Murray explains that regulators, as well as labor unions, want to see an employment landscape of large corporate operations because it makes it “easier to regulate and impose wage and benefit mandates.”

The new regulations described in the study aim to discourage a flexible workplace environment, entrepreneurship, and business ownership. The attempts to improve both work conditions and compensation have actually hindered small business entrepreneurs.

CEI report says it would behoove Congress to take a long, hard look at the reforms they have enacted and their effects on business, the American worker, and our economy as a whole.

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