Stymied in Senate, Biden Sets Off ‘Big Bang’ of Regulations

The Washington Examiner cites Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews on President Biden’s increased regulatory program proposals:

In opening the regulations spigot, he is also boosting the costs and size of the federal government to new highs as he moves to make good on his trillion-dollar promises to liberals, said Clyde Wayne Crews, vice president of policy for the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“We are in the throes of a Big Bang reinflation of the regulatory state,” Crews said in a pre-State of the Union memo.

“When politicians find it difficult to raise taxes to pay for their policy goals, they regulate and issue decrees,” he said. “Much of the economy has long been extensively directed by Washington regulators rather than market forces, and Biden is ‘trillioning down’ on that, putting competitive enterprise into what will be even greater binds in the future.”

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