Supreme Court Could End Trial Lawyer Paydays

The Daily Caller reports on the Center for Class Action Fairness's case the Supreme Court is considering hearing. 

The high court will decide March 18 whether to hear a challenge to the settlement in Joshua D. Poertner v The Gillette Co., et. al. in which the trial lawyers got $5.7 million, while 99 percent of the 7.26 million alleged victims they represented got nothing. The challenge was filed by Ted Frank, director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Class-Action Fairness.

Frank argued in his request to the high court that it consider the Seventh Circuit’s requirement that “the attorney award must be a fraction of the amount actually realized by the class, a test this settlement would flunk spectacularly.” Frank told TheDCNF he would be pleased if the high court applied this rule nationwide.

Frank told TheDCNF that courts have ways of ensuring “the money gets to the victims,” including “telling the lawyers they don’t get paid if they don’t find” everybody who should be paid.

“When the courts hold their feet to the fire, the money gets to the victims,” Frank said.

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