Take hypocrisy out of gambling laws, think tank says

The Tribune-Review discusses online gambling regulations with Michelle Minton. 

“Gambling, whether on the lottery, at the casino, or betting online on the big game, is a legitimate means of recreation,” says the Competitive Enterprise Institute study titled Game Changer. “Rather than enforcing subjective morality or trying to protect people from themselves, modern gambling regulation should treat citizens as adults, restore individual choice, protect consumers from crime and preserve the right of states to regulate and profit from gambling activities within their borders.”

CEI is a nonprofit public policy organization advocating the libertarian principles of limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty.

Co-author Michelle Minton, a CEI fellow of consumer-policy studies who specializes in issues affecting the “sindustry” of gambling, food and alcohol, spoke with Player's Advantage about the human obsession with gambling in general and the popularity of DFS in particular.

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