Ted Frank: A Conscientious Objector

The Wall Street Journal's Law Blog highlights Center for Class Action Fairness' founder Ted Frank.

[Ted Frank] tends to stay and fight settlements to the end, rather than cut quick deals, with the stated aim of righting the wrongs of the class-action system by upending settlements that he thinks give class members too little and give the plaintiffs’ lawyers too much.

He has already picked up some wins, including a significant ruling in August in a class action against Plantronics and the company formerly known as Motorola Inc. concerning Bluetooth headsets. The Ninth Circuit rebuffed a deal that would have paid no money to class members but would have given $100,000 to four nonprofit groups dedicated to hearing loss and $850,000 to the plaintiffs’ lawyers. The lawyers are now back in the lower court, trying to hash out a new deal.

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