Thank You President Donald Trump for Pulling out of Paris Treaty

Townhall covers President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. commitment from the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Paris Accord was a deal that would have hurt the American worker and enraged voters who care about the economy. Three cheers for President Donald Trump for pulling out of that economy destroying agreement.

President Trump campaigned on the idea that the American workers are the most important consideration when analyzing agreements – whether they address trade, tax policy or global warming. The Paris agreement did not constrict the most prolific polluters like China, yet it would have cost hundreds of thousands of American jobs while lowering the economic output of the United States for decades. One reason why European nations are apoplectic about Trump’s actions is that they understand that forcing the United States to transition off fossil fuels provides a competitive advantage to these same European countries.

One idea that should be considered is to call the bluff of the climate change cultists. When President Obama signed onto the agreement, many conservatives argued that the agreement was in reality a treaty. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) made this case eloquently. The Constitution requires all treaties to be submitted to the Senate for ratification by 2/3rds vote. Maybe President Trump should submit this agreement to the Senate to force Democrats in coal producing states, like Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, to take a tough vote and either enrage climate change alarmists by voting against the treaty or enraging Montana coal country workers by voting for the treaty.

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