The Bob Zadek Show – Lawson Bader on Curtailing the Regulatory State

From the show:

What does whiskey have to do with encroaching regulation and bureaucracy? Fortunately, for most of history, the answer has been "very little," as the two domains have remained relatively separate. Distilleries have cooperated peacefully, at least by proxy, with millions of other intermediate producers to yield a variety of complex end products, each with distinct tastes, undertones, and trademarks. The Competitive Enterprise Institute seeks to keep these entrepreneurial energies flowing, unimpeded by regulators who know little about the underlying industries and transactions they seek to control. Lawson Bader, whiskey aficionado and President of CEI, thought this point should be made even more clearly, in documentary form – continuing a video series originally based on Leonard Read's classic work, I, Pencil. Lawson joins Bob to talk about a new crowdfunding campaign to support the I, Whiskey project: a full-length documentary to bring the spontaneous order of the free market to life, through the story of a simple bottle of whiskey. Sit back and listen with a tumbler of your favorite spirit.