The Crushing Cost Of Complying With Government

Mike Huckabee mentions Wayne Crews's annual report on the size and cost of federal regulations for Western Journalism. 

One of the arguments I’ve always used in favor of the Fair Tax is that just the cost of compliance with our current tax system — never mind the actual taxes we pay — is enough to break our backs. But, of course, that’s not the only such burden, as the economy also has to fight to keep from being crushed by the cost of compliance with government regulations great and small.

A nonprofit think tank called the Competitive Enterprise Institute has just backed me up on that. (Too bad this study didn’t come out while I was on the presidential debate stage!) While the cost of compliance with corporate and individual income taxes comes in at a staggering $316 billion, and the actual tax burden is a whopping $1.82 trillion, the cost of compliance with ungodly new federal regulations is even greater than those taxes: $1.885 trillion. That works out to about $15,000 for every American household. Remember, this is the total cost of compliance — the overwhelming administrative costs, attorneys’ fees, court costs and everything else needed to make sure every bureaucrat in every office of every department of every federal bureau is satisfied.

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