The Media are Missing Trump’s Much-Needed Regulatory Relief

The Washington Examiner covers Wayne Crews’ “Red Tape Rollback Report.”

For decades, the federal government kept adding regulations without taking any old ones off the books. The result of all this growth in red tape regulation has been a sluggish economy and lack of competition in the market. American consumers, businesses, and families have all paid the price in myriad ways: higher costs for everyday goods and services, fewer choices because innovations and new technologies never emerge, and fewer job prospects because small business just cannot compete.

With the cost of all this overregulation in mind, the Trump administration planned a Cut-the-Red-Tape Day at the White House earlier this week. Understandably postponed due to the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, the event was intended to highlight the successful deregulation efforts across the federal government.

Combined, these efforts have exceeded the initial expectations set out in Trump’s initial executive order. So far, for every new regulation, 16 have been eliminated, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Trump has withdrawn or delayed more than 800 proposed regulations in just his first five months, according to the Associated Press.

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