Think tank asks court to fine Virgin Islands over climate subpoena

Washington Examiner reports on CEI's ask that the courts fine the attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands for violating their freedom of speech with a subpoena. 

The Competitive Enterprise Institute announced Monday it asked the court to fine Claude Walker for violating its First Amendment rights. The subpoena is an attempt to uncover information about Exxon Mobil's donations to the group between 1997 and 2007, and the institute argues it is being targeted for holding a different view of climate science.

"Mr. Walker's attempt to silence us and others who share our views is an unconstitutional abomination," said Kent Lassman, president of the institute. "CEI will not sit still with this illegal threat hanging over our head, which is why we are asking the court to fine AG Walker and end his abuse of the legal process to intimidate CEI."

According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Walker withdrew his subpoena of the agency late Friday but left open the possibility of continuing the investigation in the future.

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