Think tank calls on V.I. prosecutor to pull ‘unlawful’ climate-change subpoena

The Washington Times reports on CEI's response to the subpoena sent by an attorney general as part of the intimidation campaign to silence the climate change debate. 

The Competitive Enterprise Institute on Wednesday called on the Virgin Islands attorney general to withdraw his subpoena into its climate-change work, calling the probe a “political ploy” designed to “punish” the free-market group for its climate-change dissent.

“Your demand on CEI is offensive, it is un-American, it is unlawful, and it will not stand,” said CEI attorney Andrew M. Grossman in a letter to Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Earl Walker.

Along with the letter, the CEI included a set of objections to the subpoena filed with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

“The subpoena violates the First Amendment because it constitutes an attempt to silence and intimidate, as well as retaliate against, speech espousing a particular viewpoint with which the Attorney General disagrees, certain speech content, and certain expressive association, and is therefore invalid,” the eight-page filing said.

CEI general counsel Sam Kazman called the subpoena “a political ploy aimed at advancing a policy agenda by shutting down debate.”

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