Trump Brags About Deregulation, But A Huge Number Of His Deregulatory Actions Were Started Under Obama

Reason cited CEI’s Senior Fellow Wayne Crews on Trump deregulation policy.

President Donald Trump likes to brag about his record of cutting regulations. Yet new data from his own administration suggest that the rules he’s managed to eliminate have had a minor impact at best—and many began under the Obama administration.

That doesn’t mean that Trump’s deregulatory agenda is a myth, as some critics have claimed, but it does show the limitations of what any one administration can do unilaterally to pare back the administrative state.


When assessing the Trump administration’s record on deregulation, it’s important to look at the rules that are not getting proposed, in addition to those being repealed or replaced.

“There are a few elements to trying to deregulate. One is just slowing down what is happening. The second is getting rid of what’s come before,” says Clyde Wayne Crews, a regulatory scholar with the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “In terms of stopping the flow, Trump, I thought did a magnificent job.”

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