Trump Says ‘No’ To A Global Cap-And-Trade Plan

The Daily Caller discusses Trump’s decision not to abide by an international cap-and-trade plan to keep Obama’s promise as part of the Paris Agreement.

The Trump administration said it would not be considering using an international cap-and-trade program to meet former President Barack Obama’s pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions as part of the Paris agreement on climate change.

The Department of State gave generic, boilerplate responses to questions countries posed regarding aspects of America’s commitment under the Paris agreement. President Donald Trump has yet to determine whether he will keep his campaign promise to withdraw from the deal.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) launched two ad campaigns with petitions to convince Trump to keep his campaign promise and withdraw from Paris.

CEI scholars Chris Horner and Marlo Lewis also published a paper laying out the case for why the Paris agreement should be sent to the Senate — where it would surely be voted down.

“This treaty is designed to expand every government’s control over private energy-related capital,” Lewis said, adding Obama wanted to use Paris to make his “domestic energy policies immune to legal challenges.”

“There is no way on Earth an executive can reorganize the economy for the next 35 years,” Lewis said.

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