Trump Set to Give Employers a Leg Up at NLRB

The Washington Free Beacon covers President Trump’s NLRB nomination and a statement by Trey Kovacs.

The Trump administration may give Republicans a majority at the nation’s top federal labor regulator for the first time since 2007.

The White House announced on Monday that it intended to nominate Marvin Kaplan, a former chief counsel to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to fill one of two vacancies at the National Labor Relations Board. It has also been reported that the administration is considering appointing William Emanuel, a management-side attorney at Littler Mendelson and member of the conservative Federalist Society, to fill the second vacancy.

Trey Kovacs, a labor expert at the pro-free market Competitive Enterprise Institute, said that filling the board seats “represents a huge opportunity for reform.”

“In recent years, the NLRB has pushed out job-killing decisions and regulations favoring the interests of organized labor over individual workers. It is imperative for the Senate to confirm President Trump’s nominees so they can bring fairness and predictability to agency decisions,” he said in a statement.

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