Trump’s Deregulatory Efforts Are Ensuring Agencies ‘Stay Within the Laws,’ Officials Say

Government Executive cited the Competitive Enterprise Institute on the efficiency of the Trump administration on introducing federal deregulation policies. 

The Trump administration boasted on Monday of its accomplishments in eliminating regulations enforced by federal agencies, saying it is exceeding its goal to slash two rules for every new one it creates.

The administration has so far finalized 10 deregulatory actions and created just four new regulations, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator Neomi Rao told reporters in advance of the speech. That has led to $300 million in annualized cost savings, Rao said, declining to elaborate on how the administration reached that figure other than to say it was based on what career staff presented to her. Rao said the administration’s deregulatory efforts were a key part of “restoring a more constitutional government.”

While the administration has actually finalized few deregulatory actions, the Competitive Enterprise Institute said the Trump team’s new direction is already clear. The Federal Register currently sits at around 46,000 pages, compared to nearly 68,000 pages at the same time last year—a 32 percent reduction. The Trump administration issued just 116 “significant” rules—those with an economic impact of at least $100 million—by Sept. 30, a 57 percent reduction from the Obama administration over the same period last year, CEI found in its report.

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